The company SEAPRO SAS was founded in 2006 by Dominique Praud and his daughter Charlotte.

Trained in the food sector, Mr Praud has also worked for a long time in various agri-food companies producing and trading meat. SEAPRO is an import-export company specialized in the business of frozen and dry food products.

It operates mainly in the French overseas department and territories (Antilles, Reunion, French Guyana, West Africa, etc.) and the networks of ethnic distributors in Metropolitan France.

SEAPRO exports around 150 containers of poultry, pork, beef, and seafood products each year for different types of customers (mostly wholesalers and supermarkets).

 In March 2017, the Spanish group IBERDIGEST acquired 93.67% of SEAPRO, which opens up new business prospects. This highly structured group allows SEAPRO to benefit from a strategic supply

On the other hand, the financial strength of IBERDIGEST and its membership of the VALL COMPANYS group (2nd Spanish agri-food group) now allows SEAPRO to consider developments in other territories and launch new projects such as:

– Development for the export of its own DELIFOOD range

– Development of a range of dry products from Asia (especially rice)

Its agility allows it to offer its customers a long portfolio of products for retail or catering in their specific formats.

Seapro organizes shipments from logistics platforms in France or in full containers from origin.