Retail and Horeca format products

The Company

Our history

The company SEAPRO SAS was founded in 2006 by Dominique Praud and his daughter Charlotte. Trained in the food sector, Mr Praud has also worked for a long time in various agri-food companies producing and trading meat.


SEAPRO has a structure that allows a humane and close treatment. Its employees have a daily goal of putting their customers at the centre of their priorities. Following up on our customers’ orders is as important as the quality of the products we sell.


Processes and legumes

A diversified range that evolves to meet the new needs of consumers

Our brand


Chicken, turkey, duck, hen, whole or cut pieces, standard or halal, we comply with all the desired formats


VPF or EU origin, we adapt all cuts and look for the required packaging

Meat and offal

Veal, lamb, goat, game meat, offal, we cover all the needs of our clients’ range


Whole and cut fish, we also adapt our offers to all the desired packaging formats


Shrimp, crabs, octopus, squid, scallops or lobsters, our possibilities are endless

Prepared products and legumes

Prepared sweet or savoury, exotic or European fruits and vegetables, fresh or frozen, we know how to offer our customers a permanent supply of these products

Dry products

Banana chips, rice and Asian products, oils, coconut milk and other fruit juices, we find products that make a difference or that are missing in your assortment

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Main activities and strengths of SEAPRO

SEAPRO’s main business is the import / export of food products for our clients (importers, wholesalers, or supermarkets).

Our knowledge of supply chains (fishing season, production area, etc.) allows us to offer our clients quality products that correspond to their specifications (origin, species, size, packaging).


Over time, SEAPRO has specialized in particular in the import-export of:

Indonesian Fish: Tuna, Bream, Marlin, Parrotfish, Snapper, Octopus

Seafood from India and Bangladesh: Shrimp, Prawn

Fish from Vietnam or China: Tilapia, Catfish

European poultry: cuts of chicken or turkey

Pork from France

And it has also developed its sourcing in other areas such as:

South America: Bream, Bonito, Corvina, exotic vegetables

Asia: rice and Asian processed products

Portugal: mackerel, horse mackerel